Before reading this I have never thought of myself as “extracting” anything from nature as I immerse myself in a forest, but just the appreciation and joy of just being. The more I think about it, I am extracting moments, later to be memories, or particular species I see, or behaviors I observe, I am extracting knowledge and questions. Claiming Maine has helped me digest the Thoreau reading from last week. Lorianne Disabato exposes Thoreau’s deepest questions, including the ownership of land for humans or animals, or “why earthly creation often resists human control”, and even in naming nature. Another issue that I struggle with as a naturalist myself, is hunting. Thoreau is opposed to hunting because he believes that people hunt more than just to sustain themselves, but just for the sport. Although when he comes upon a dead moose, he is able to get observations he would never be able to if the moose were alive. Must we kill species to really learn about them? As humans we must know everything, and if we don’t know the answer there is someone in the world working to find it out. Why isn’t the appreciation of nature and the present knowledge that we have enough for us?

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One Response to Boundaries

  1. djperello says:

    Perhaps Kate we would know not nearly as much about human biology without the study of cadavers! Sorry, a little too dark for the blog. Hunting is a topic of much dispute among naturalists and those of the un-natural sort, and I have yet to decide my stance on this as well. It is true that necessity can be a powerful persuasive tool; such is the argument of the subsistence – hunter. We can only hope to remain in a mid – ground of sustainable harvest!

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